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  • 8 g (1 serving)
  • 320 g (40 servings)

CreaFlash Creatine Complex:

  • 5,500 mg Multi-phase creatine complex
  • CreaArg HCl (creatine L-arginine)
  • buffered micronised creatine
  • creatine citrate
  • CreaFlash Matrix (Energy Recycling, ATP Energy , Metabolic Blend)
  • 30 mg ALA (Alpha lipoic acid)
  • 30 mg ribose
  • 30 mg AMP (adenosine monophosphate)
  • 0.28 mg vitamin B6
  • 50 mg arginine alpha-ketoglutarate
  • 60 mg calcium citrate malate
  • 31 mg magnesium citrate
  • 2 mg iron

FLAVOR: orange

  • Easy-to-dose, flavoured powder formula
  • Maximum creatine absorption
  • Direct performance boost
  • Increases muscle power

Have you ever asked yourself the question where to get more power from when you have depleted your reserves while doing physically challenging sports? Our new creatine product, Crea Flash, a perfect combination of determination and power, was created just for you. Due to its direct power boosting effect, you can show your best in the gym.

  • The product’s main ingredient is creatine, which increases physical performance during repeated short-term, high intensity exercise.*
  • The product’s functional vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue, thus improving training performance.
  • The iron and vitamin B12 content contribute to the optimum blood supply, thus enhancing the metabolic supply of muscles.

We recommend Crea Flash if you:

  • do sports where extra power is needed quickly and instantly, such as weight training or heavy athletics
  • are a top-level athlete during the preparation period and training camps
  • prefer powder products

Crea Flash is an easy-to-dose, flavoured powder formula, containing a multi-phase creatine complex to enhance physical performance during repeated short-term, high intensity exercise. The other added functional vitamins further improve performance during workout, and the product also contains other special ingredients such as AMP (nucleotide), ribose (carbohydrate) and alpha lipoic acid (antioxidant).

Like all BioTechUSA products, Crea Flash consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 serving (2 measuring spoons) daily with 300 ml water, 15 minutes before workout.

INGREDIENTS: CreaFlash Creatine Complex 68% (CreaArgHCl, buffered micronized creatine, creatine citrate), CreaFlash Matrix [Energy Recycling Blend (calcium citratemalate, L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate, magnesium citrate,iron (II) fumarate, niacin), ATP Energy Blend (adenosinemonophosphate, ribose, iron pyrophosphate, pyridoxinehydrochloride), Metabolic Blend (alpha lipoic acid, zincoxide, chromium chloride hexahydrate)], acid (citric acid),flavourings, bulking agent (sodium carboxymethylcellulose), salt, sweetener (sucralose), colours (tartrazine,Ponceau 4R)*. *Tartrazine, Ponceau 4R: may have anadverse effect on activity and attention in children.



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